On your bike! Should transport infrastructure be important to buyers?

Governments clearly understand the importance of transport and accessibility, making significant investments in infrastructure. Last year the New Zealand government unveiled its plans to invest a record amount in land-based transport systems... [Read more]
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Selling in autumn and winter

  If autumn/winter is the time you’ve decided to list your house to sell, be upbeat about it. Sure, temperatures are dropping, and day light hours are shortening – maybe your... [Read more]
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Renovate wisely, not lavishly

    Might you, and others, consider your investment property to be ‘unique’? Is so, then either you’ve got a diamond in your investment portfolio or you may need to make a few... [Read more]
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Powering your rental property

        These days people are more aware of the impact they are having on the environment, and with energy prices soaring, people are continually looking for ways to save money on... [Read more]
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Useful advice for Property Managers

    Avoiding rental arrears Did you know that insurance claims for rental arrears spike in autumn? It may have something to do with post-festive season and start of a new year leaving... [Read more]
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Pleasing the buyers

When it comes to surveys on what potential buyers say can negatively affect them at a property inspection, busy roads, an over-powering smell of cigarettes and general dirtiness are generally... [Read more]
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Look outside the ‘big smoke’

There’s more to real estate than property in capital city markets although so much of the investor focus still seems to be there. At times, even the outer suburbs are... [Read more]
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Who wants to live where

      Is it possible that the demand for apartments might slow in favour of houses as many in the 20 to 34-year-old bracket move onto the next stage of their lives,... [Read more]
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The answer is that it could be $10,000 or even more. Really! you exclaim - how did you arrive at that number? Simple really, you see most of us will buy several... [Read more]
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Would you invest in a different region?

Many people do it and you may already be one of them. Investing in property is a big decision, both financially and otherwise, but investing in unfamiliar territory can seem... [Read more]
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As a landlord today, the chances of you renting your property to a youthful tenant are relatively high, especially in certain suburbs and the vicinity of the CBD. Location and demographics... [Read more]
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First impressions of a rental property

A tenant’s first impression of a rental property is not determined when visiting a property to inspect it for the first time. In fact, it’s likely they would not even be... [Read more]
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