First impressions of a rental property

A tenant’s first impression of a rental property is not determined when visiting a property to inspect it for the first time.

In fact, it’s likely they would not even be there had it not been for the images they saw in the property’s advertising (whether that be online, in print or in your real estate’s window).

Tenants are more likely to visit an open house if their first impression of the property is a positive one; and according to a survey conducted by, 70 per cent of renter respondents said a property’s photos were the number one decider when it came to searching for a rental property.

Your potential tenant can view over a hundred properties in a short period of time thanks to online real estate sites and, in most cases, it is the images that capture their attention.

So how can you make sure your property isn’t being overlooked?

As property managers, we know the value of high quality images.


Here are some tips we follow to help capture a great shot:

  • Use a quality camera with a high resolution.
  • Good lighting is important – the time of day, weather and type of lighting can make a big difference.
  • Experiment with framing shots and angles – wide frame shots help to capture the size of a room.
  • Clean and de-clutter – this goes for both the internal and external of a property. Minimal styling or unfurnished are best.
  • Editing photos can help enhance features of a property, but don’t go overboard; not only is this obvious but it can land you in trouble for potential misleading viewers.
  • Consider using a professional photographer.


The difference between a quick photo taken on your phone and a professional shot of your property can be considerable. Granted, the quality of camera phones on the market these days is impressive. But the skill involved in reflecting your property’s key features in a photograph can sometimes be missed by the amateur ‘doing it themselves’.

While you may save a few dollars by taking photos of your property yourself, a professional shot will be able to capture your property in its best light.

If you would like to update your property’s marketing material, have a chat to your property manager about how to make to most of your property. Whether it be advertising, staging or photography, we can give you advice to help make the most of your property’s appeal.

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