You won’t buy a house with a scratch of the nose

The auction has become an increasingly popular and comfortable method of sale, and there is plenty of information available to both buyers and sellers about how they can best conduct themselves. One of the oldest buyer questions is:


If I scratch my nose, will I unintentionally make a bid?

The auction process is very definite and all bids are clearly confirmed by the auctioneer and support staff.  State-by-state legislation governs what you can do in the bidding environment.

In Queensland, buyers must register and get ‘a unique identifier’ (a numbered paddle) before auction as only registered bidders are allowed to bid on the day.

Like Queensland, buyers must pre-register to bid at property auctions in New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

Victorian and West Australian buyers do not have to pre-register to bid on auction day, nor is that a requirement in the Northern Territory.

There are strict rules that apply to the conduct of an auction. These rules ensure the auction is a fair and transparent process for all.

Rest assured, people do not find themselves accidentally purchasing a property!



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