Would You Recommend Yourself?

Online magazine Real Estate Business (REB) recently went directly to the public to find out about the service they received from their agents. They asked four real vendors, who gave their full names, what they felt their agents got right and wrong.

Getting ticks were for:

  • Proving to the vendor that he, the agent, valued the vendor and her home
  • Maintaining close contact with the vendor throughout the selling process
  • Taking all of the vendor’s stress onto the agent’s shoulders
  • Tracking the vendor for two years before winning her business
  • Building strong rapport with the vendor and her family
  • Working incredibly hard to deliver a good result

And the crosses:

  • Failing to maintain adequate contact during the sale process
  • Making the vendor believe that he, the agent, only cared about his commission
  • Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to the online advertising
  • Making a false promise at the listing presentation
  • Failing to inform the vendor about buyer offers
  • Not telling tell the vendor she, the agent, wouldn’t attend the open homes

The happy customers were happy to refer. They said things like their agent was genuine, wasn’t pushy and they could tell the agent loved their property. The agent knew how to build relationships and communicate with all parties. The agent was excited about selling. Nothing was hidden in fees. The marketing strategy embraced the internet. A professional photographer and videographer was used. It didn’t feel like it was just about the sale for the agent; they really wanted to help.

The unhappy customers were adamant they wouldn’t recommend their agent to others.

It is always good to re-evaluate your own service and eliminate any potential ‘crosses’.

I suspect the majority of agents, close to 100 per cent, would think their service is worthy of referring to others. I can’t imaging wanting to be in the business of real estate sales and thinking otherwise.

According to a Roy Morgan Research survey of 300 vendors earlier this year, customers generally thought they received good service, and 68 per cent said they would recommend their agent. That’s quite a positive response but still a long way off full marks.

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