Winter shake-off

Shake off winter - September 2016


What you do outside your house can have as much impact on buyers as what you do inside.

If you want your home to look inviting from the get-go, start looking at from the outside in, and now is a very good time to begin.

What does the footpath look like? Can you improve it by greening it up, clearing weeds, pruning and planting? A couple of large pots outside the front gate would make a very positive neighbourhood statement.

A good-looking letterbox and a proud street number add more positive messages. Gates and fences should have appeal and be in good condition.

Most of us love balconies, courtyards and gardens where we can relax and entertain. Homes with seamless indoor-outdoor flow have great appeal so consider how your areas connect, and how you might improve this.

It is possible to do a mini-makeover around your garden, which may also add value to your home.

The aim is to spend a minimum amount of time and money on the improvements while creating beautiful, low-maintenance gardens and useful spaces that potential buyers will love.

Start by cutting back any overgrowth to expose more plants, shrubs and any expansive views. This will also let more sunlight to garden areas so you can introduce gorgeous spring colour, not to mention probably letting more light into the house itself.

Get rid of struggling plants. Markets are often great sources of inexpensive, in-season plants. For garden ‘dead spots’, consider painting and decorating some pots to plant up and brighten the scene.

It’s important to create a perception of low maintenance so don’t over-complicate the yard.

With the popularity of outdoor entertaining, a paved or decked outdoor area is a must. Add real value for the user and create an area that is weather-proof or at least weather-resistant.

Water features and statues go in and out of favour but they can be very effective in creating ambience or even a ‘wow’ factor.

Food-producing yards are definitely in favour, so what about a raised vegetable garden that is built to double as seating and scattered with colourful cushions.

Finally solar lights are a cost-effective way to add a special touch by defining paths, hanging from trees and illuminating features.


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