Why your future looks rosy

When you are feeling bombarded by noise about ‘scary technology’ and a futuristic Agent Rosie (her career has advanced since The Jetsons), consider these take-aways from an article by Brad Inman, Why real estate agents will be in business forever.

  • You are a vital part of your community’s tapestry.
  • You are right in the local scene, walk in the neighborhood you serve, and provide an essential community service.
  • The work you do is purposeful. You help people buy homes. You help create communities.
  • You often get close to your clients, occasionally even becoming friends for life.
  • While you are technically not a lawyer, accountant or therapist, real estate transactions are often packed with legal, financial and emotional challenges. You’re there for your clients on all three fronts.
  • Don’t limit your opportunities by singularly focusing on the dollar. Position your business as a service enterprise. Become a community leader.
  • Focus on the people in the community you are ready to serve at any time.
  • You help clients in ways that a robot never could.

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