What makes a great real estate experience?

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By Kate Bradley, RE/MAX Elite, Nelson, NZ



At some stage in your life it is likely that you will need a real estate agent. You might be a buyer, a seller, an investor or a tenant.

As a real estate agent, the highest form of praise that you can give us is to refer our services to another. It is especially rewarding where we have sold to someone in the past and their children, parents or a friend tells us they have been referred… when we are the family’s go-to real estate agent!

We call this repeat and referral business. In the same way that you have a solicitor, accountant and so on, we want to be your realtor. The only way that we can be this person is to provide you with exceptional service every time.

So what makes this service great- so great that you would refer us to somebody else?

So what makes something great? Would you be surprised to hear that it is actually more about the experience than the thing itself? A great meal, for example, is more likely to be about the company, the location, the ambiance as well as the way the food tasted. Greatness remains in the memory through the enjoyable experience of a meal.

We, your agent, must become the positive and memorable experience.

We know that you want the great result but we need to enhance your experience, and to do this we need to make this not only memorable, but also seamless.

Here’s a few of the things that we might do to make this experience positive and memorable for you.

  • We will greet you with confidence in our ability to achieve the outcome that you want. Hi I’m Kate and I’m looking forward to selling your house.
  • We will ask you a lot of questions, some will be emotionally driven– Will you be prepared when this home attracts offers quickly? We will be honest, professional and efficient, but we will also be heartfelt and empathetic.
  • We will stay in constant contact, both to give you relevant information and to answer your questions. Ask away- no question is trivial. We’ve probably heard it before.
  • We will be adaptive to your needs, timeframes and your motivation. What is best for you?
  • We will endeavor to pre-empt your needs. We will explain the process to you, so that nothing is a huge surprise, and we will stay involved with you throughout the whole process, right until moving day.

We enjoy closing the deal after the negotiations, but it is happy customers who are the anchor of our long term business.

We will be appreciative of you and your business and our best hope is that from the whole process we will make two close relationships, one with the vendor and one with the purchaser. We want our clients to feel like they are friends, not just numbers, not just sales.

In short, we want to deliver the results that you need while making your experience easy and memorable. We want your real estate experience to be extraordinary. We want to be sure that you remember us in the same way.

We want to be your realtor. When you think real estate, think me: your agent for life!

Kate Bradley
RE/MAX Elite, Nelson, New Zealand

P: 027 432 1195
E: kate.bradley@remax-elite.co.nz

This article among others can be found in the RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand View Property Magazine: https://rem.ax/2FAD3h6

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