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Winter is coming! Have you noticed?

It doesn’t matter where you live, Cairns in Tropical North Queensland or Charlotte’s Pass in New South Wales where the lowest recorded temperature is minus 23.0 °C on 29th of June, 1994, or even Ophir in the south of New Zealand, which holds the record lowest temperature there of minus 21.6°C on July 3rd, 1995, it is going to get colder. It is just a matter of by how many degrees.

Before you pump up the heating in your home, it is a good idea to check places where heat might escape or the cold sneak in.


The fireplace

–        Take a torch and check the chimney or flue for build-up, bird’s nests or cracks.

–        Head outside and have a good look at the condition of the chimney or flue.

–        Clean out old ashes, check the damper opens and closes and seals tightly.

–        Stock up on wood and kindling

Note: It is worth having a chimney professionally cleaned at least every other year.



–        How to seal drafty windows:

  1. Caulk the cracks. Your local hardware store can tell you what you need for this job.
  2. Cover your windows in a thin plastic film, again available at any hardware store. When it warms up, simply peel the film off and open the windows.



–        If winter means loads of rain and snow at your place, clean out anything that might clog your gutters and prevent drainage.



–        If your winter brings extreme conditions, using sleeves of tubular pipe insulation to pad your pipes cab help prevent them freezing and causing water damage.



–        Get a professional to give your heating system a once-over.

Check and replace batteries in smoke detectors.


Winter storms

–        Prepare for any emergency

If you are presenting your home for sale this winter, taking such measures may have a huge impact on potential buyers. They will certainly be viewing your home in tip-top winter shape.

Stay warm, safe and energy-conscious this winter.




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