Shrinking lots require thoughtful garden planning

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House renovating generally involves at least some level of garden renovation.

If you are ‘doing up’ a house with the idea of taking it to the market, really think about how you might add value through the gardens you create.

Especially when you are dealing with a small block, as so many are these days in prime renovation markets often where a green field site has been carved off, it is important to create spaces that totally embrace you.

A few tips from garden gurus are worth considering:

  • Use the plants to define the space rather than building as fences.
  • Don’t assume that small spaces need small plants.
  • Use one or two distinctive plants in a small space: less plants, but high impact.
  • If you can, try for tree canopy rather than just taking the eye to ground level. A tree might just be the thing to allow for more ‘people-space’.
  • Create irresistible outdoor spaces.
  • Create a sense of indoor-outdoor seamlessness.

The thing is to get the balance right – the balance of buildings, plantings, people and pets. And above everything, plan the garden spaces with conviction.

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