Pinpoint your market

shutterstock_413869537Not all real estate markets are the same! This isn’t breaking news. It’ been said before.

However, the information available to first time home buyers or fledgling investors still can be incredibly confusing as they unpack the ‘big picture stuff’.

The real estate market does not operate as one homogenous entity. The decision a buyer is making may be at state, city, suburb or even street level, and each is a market within a market

So the strategy is to drill down to the most local of local markets and analyse the data available from your immediate area.

City/town median house prices… suburban median house prices… historical trends… property cycles… affordability… capital gain… rental return… infrastructure spending… employment opportunities…

There is one person you need to help you unpack all this… the real estate agent who knows the micro-market in which you are searching, inside-out.

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