Next Home Buyer

Ready to Buy Your Next Property

You’ve done this before. But some things might be different, whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or just looking for a change of scene, make sure you are up to date.

Things to consider:

  • Know how much you can afford to borrow
  • Plan your budget
  • Be confident to make an offer
  • Do you want a Pre-approval?
  • Be seen by agents as serious
  • Use your equity to access additional funds
  • Want to Buy before you sell?
  • Take your existing Home Loan with you?
  • Pay out old loan and create new Home Loan
  • Being savvy will save you


Pivotal Financial Specialists are the experts and can help with any question you may have when looking at making your next move in the property market.

Sometimes you need extra funds to complete your property purchase. We can help you with a strategy to make sure you’re not short on settlement day.


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