Meth? A new reality for property managers

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Landlords are required to rent out a clean and safe property to tenants, but what is a potential and concerning issue for property managers and landlords is the growing use of methamphetamines (meth/ice) in rental properties.

The increase in drug-related incidences is a frightening epidemic moving through the nation with the real estate industry not exempt from its impact.

The reality is that property owners need to be aware of the potential use of drugs within their properties. What makes it so concerning is that the signs of drug use within a property are not obvious. In fact, meth residue is invisible and has absolutely no smell, but can have a devastating impact on those living within the property, and in particular, children.

For this reason, property managers are very aware of the availability of meth testing, and recognising when it should be a considered option for investment property owners.

What can landlords do to remain aware?

  • Regular inspections are carried out by property managers to ensure the property is in good condition. Working directly with property managers to address any concerns promptly is important.
  • If you suspect a property may have had been contaminated with Meth, whether from drug use or if the property has been used as a lab, organise to have the property tested as soon as possible.
  • DIY test kits are available for purchase, but there are more and more companies offering more accurate testing, which also offer decontamination of the property if required.
  • If the property is found to contain traces of meth it is important that they are cleaned and treated accordingly to eliminate the risk on tenants. It is also advised to contact the local police and council.
  • It may pay to check your current property‚Äôs insurance to see if chemical damage is covered.
  • It is not a requirement for properties to be screened between tenancies, but with an increase in drug use and no obvious warning signs, it may well become the norm in the future.

As the ultimate responsibility lies with the property owner to ensure the premises is safely habitable, being aware of this growing concern, and ensuring future tenants health is not put at risk is important. If you have any concerns speak to your property manager. Awareness and appropriate action can also reduce the likelihood of ensuing legal implications.

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