Location, location, location…. What does that really mean?

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It doesn’t mean the same as it did fifty years ago, and in some markets, a lot has changed even in the past decade. Fifty years ago it could generally be said that differences in property value between city and country were a loss less than today.

Then, in many regions, a shift to the city began as people chased a certain type of employment.

We still see markets today attracting hordes of residents while others are not nearly as popular.

However, if you are considering property investment, and what might constitutes a desirable property in the future, here are a few things to consider:

In an age where technology allows people to work from home, download speed may be more important to some buyers than kilometres. Internet access may be the box a buyer needs to tick over close proximity to transport infrastructure for the work commute.

People now want to live close to the things they like the best, things like dining, playing and relaxing… and friends. However, people do value time, so the time taken to commute and access lifestyle choices will remain important.

Not everyone will want to live in the CBD. That said, the location is probably a good investment if you want to attract the younger demographic.

When you think ‘affordable’, you should really be considering what’s going to be affordable to the type of people who can afford to live there. It’s not the same for everyone. Never has been!

Demand from owner-occupiers does a lot to drive property prices so invest in locations where there is the strongest demand and desire to live. Such locations generally feature such amenities as well-regarded schools, good transport, great retail and lifestyle choices, and cafe precincts.

There are a lot more walkers and cyclists today, and this is likely to continue so look for community infrastructure that encourages these activities.

Middle-ring suburbs, around 10 kilometres from the CBD, have been on the investor’s radar for a while; and there’s every reason why they should be as they are very likely to experience increasing demand and gentrification.

And watch for the ripple spreading outwards.

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