Lift your home’s energy level

Lift your homes energy levels - 2016


For some reason, spring makes home owners think about refreshing their homes, and this is certainly worth thinking about if you are throwing open your home for property inspections.

These practical tips are inspired by Feng Shui practices, and whether you follow the ancient Chinese practice or not, they may help you enhance your home and lifestyle.

To begin, open windows and fill every room with pleasant noise, like bells or gentle music.

Natural light in every room is important, so open blinds and draw back heavy curtains, or replace them with simple blinds.

Freshen up with new light bulbs.

If there are still dark corners, introduce table lamps.

Improve ventilation and introduce good natural light to the bathroom with, perhaps, a skylight.

Large mirrors can also brighten spaces when placed to reflect natural light throughout the home.

Invite life through fresh flowers, pot plants and bowls of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

Clear your home of unnecessary clutter.

Clutter is anything that you don’t use for daily living, or which is draining your energy when you look at it. That could be all the stuff piling up in the spare bedroom, or it might be a kitchen bench full of appliances. If you can’t pinpoint the clutter in your home, get a second opinion from a friend or sales agent, or call in an expert.

Things you want to keep but don’t use for daily living can go into storage.

Donate items to family and friends or to your local charity shop. If it’s too good to give away, sell it.

Once the home is decluttered it is time to clean and reduce the impact that pets, children and hobbies have had on your now re-energised environment.

Shake out dust from loose furniture covers and rugs and give hard surfaces a good wipe over with oil scented damp cloth. Carpets can be steam cleaned.

Clean windows can make an astounding difference to how bright your home feels.

If you have an inspection deadline and dealing with the whole house is just too much, keep things simple and focus on kitchens and bathrooms, and other key features in the master bedroom and living rooms.


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