Leaving your rental on a happy note



Tenancy periods come to a close for many reasons. Tenants relocate for employment reasons, for access to schools of choice, for lifestyle or even for financial priorities, for example. Tenants may also transition into home ownership.

For whatever reason a change in accommodation is due, tenants are always keen to get their bond back.

Suddenly the thoughts are running through their minds… Has the household housekeeping been up to scratch? How clean, in fact, does the place need to be? We’ve tried to look after the place as if it were our own, but has that been good enough?

All parties want to be happy come the end of a tenancy – the tenants, the landlord and the property manager.

Here are a few tips to help tenants progress towards an amicable end of tenancy:

  • Establish a good relationship with your property manager, one that is based on trust and involves open communication.
  • Discuss the final inspection and vacating expectations well before the time comes, and have a realistic plan to achieve what you need to do.
  • Make sure your rent is up-to-date.
  • If you decide to use professional cleaners, ask your property manager for suggestions. The best time to get in professional cleaners is after your belongings are moved out.
  • On moving-out day, be careful of damaging tiles, timber floors and walls when you move large, heavy items. It is too late after the event, so be prepared with blankets to slide rather than drag furniture, and any other equipment you need to make the job safer and easier.
  • Leave the property in at least the same, if not better, condition than it was when you moved in.



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