It’s no joke – check your smoke alarms this April Fool’s Day

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Smoke alarms save lives. There’s no question about that. But can you remember the last time you checked to see if your smoke alarms are working correctly?

April Fool’s Day is the designated ‘check your smoke alarms’ day, so this coming Sunday, April 1st don’t be foolish: check to make sure your smoke alarms are working correctly.

It is a legal requirement to have working smoke alarms in your property with recommendations made that alarm systems be upgraded to hard-wired interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. It is also suggested that alarms be fitted on each level, in each bedroom and living area, and hallways connecting bedrooms to living spaces. If you live in a new home, or have recently undertaken significant renovations, it is likely that new photoelectric smoke alarm detectors have been installed in your property.

All smoke alarms installed must meet minimum standards as per the Australian Standards – AS 3786 (residential smoke alarms).

If your property currently has the old battery-operated smoke detectors installed, it is a good idea to look at upgrading to the new system sooner rather than later. If a battery-operated smoke alarm is found to be faulty, damaged or expired (over 10 years old), it will need to be replaced; and if replaced by a photoelectric alarm, will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

Ideally your smoke alarms should be tested and cleaned monthly. In addition to this, why not take the time to review your emergency plan with your family and assist elderly neighbours with their fire safety too?

We lead busy lives, so if it’s been a while since you last checked your alarms, make the 1st of April the day to check and make sure they’re working correctly.  Fire safety is no joke.

For specific State/Territory requirements, contact your local government department.

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