Is your pool safety up to standard this summer?

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For many home owners and tenants, pools are a desirable feature in a property, and for some the ultimate luxury, particularly in a long hot summer.

Having a pool may attract a larger pool of tenants, especially families, and may have the potential to increase the rental return from your investment. It is vital, however, that they are kept well maintained.

As we move into the warmer months, tenants will likely be using their pools more and more, meaning this is an ideal time to remind them of pool safety and maintenance.

Increased numbers of accidents involving pools has led to legislative changes to make pool safety a top priority. Ensure you check with the correct state/territory legislation to make sure your property is compliant.

Basic swimming pool requirements:

  • All pools deeper than 30cm MUST be registered with proper state/territory body.
  • All pools must maintain a compliant fence and include child safety locking mechanism.
  • All pools must have a safety certificate, obtained from a registered pool safety inspector.
  • A CPR sign should be located near the pool.

Pool areas should be kept clear of anything that could be used to climb over fencing, and gates should open outward.

The maintenance of pools should be covered under special terms in the tenancy agreement. Generally speaking, tenants will be responsible for day-to-day maintenance such as clearing leaves and keeping the pool topped up. It is important for tenants to be aware of their responsibility for the pool. Damages should reported so they can be fixed immediately.

With the days longer and things heating up, we all want tenants to be safe and aware around pools. This will reduce the risk of accidents and help avoid tragedy, as well as reducing legal liability risk.

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