Expert property investment advice

Today, many Australians prefer to use a financial specialist to arrange their home loan. However, there are still quite a few who’d rather walk down to the bank personally to arrange their mortgage. But, for investors, taking the DIY route might not be very beneficial in the long run. Why?

Because every successful investor has an expansive property portfolio to his or her credit. However, as the number of properties under your belt grows, it may not be as easy for you to borrow money as it was the first time.
Hitting the serviceability wall is the biggest hurdle property investors face as they try to expand their portfolio.

And that’s where an experienced Pivotal Financial Specialist can come in handy.

  • We’ll do the ground work for you
  • Save you money and time
  • Remove the confusion
  • Right lender, right package and rate
  • Complex financial structures, i.e borrowing through a trust or SMSF
  • Ensure that you avoid, or delay hitting the serviceability wall by making a greater number of investment loans available to you
  • Access to over 30+ Lenders

Pivotal Financial Specialists are specialists in Investment Loans and are abreast of the developments in the sector. We’ll do the ground work and take the reins to finding the right lender for YOU.

Pivotal Financial is the financial arm of RE/MAX Australia, one deals with loans, the other with homes, but Pivotal Financial Specialists and RE/MAX real estate agents, serve a common client and can strengthen their offering to their client as connected by a mutually partnership.

The strongest point for a respective client is that everything is handled together, and the strong communication between the RE/MAX agent, Pivotal Mortgage Specialist and the client ensures everyone is up to date with the buying process.


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