Eight seconds to make an impression

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Depending where you read it, somewhere around 88 per cent, and anything up to 95 per cent, of prospective buyers go online to search, which means images of your property are their first point of contact.

Creating the right perception of your property, making it the best on offer they see, is crucial to the marketing.

In all of about eight seconds, your prospective buyer has seen your photos, taken in the headline and made a decision whether to look further at your property or keep scrolling on to the next.

In those few seconds, poor imagery could cost you a sale!

Just about everybody these days has a smartphone that has the capability to take amazing photos, but having the tool doesn’t turn us all into great photographers.

Professional photographers have the experience and the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the buyer, in order to capture the right imagery for the best sale outcome. They also:

  • Know the best equipment to use, like a wide-angle lens used to showcase ‘space’ and portray ‘liveability’.
  • Factor in time of day, lighting and composition.
  • Are experts in retouching while staying true to the subject.

If yours is a high-end property, it is even more critical to spend the money needed for the superior photos, video and drone photography.

And landlords should consider the quality of their property’s imagery too, as potential tenants may also filter through online listings.

If you only have eight seconds to leave an impression, you want it to be the best, which will most likely occur through best quality stills and best quality video.

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