Auctions motivate buyers, even in winter

What are the merits of going to auction?

An auction program gives a time frame in which buyers can organise their purchasing position.

An auction gives the seller an opportunity to get an unconditional contract.

An auction allows the market to give indication on market price through genuine buyer feedback.

Even if property does not sell on auction day, the lead up in the auction program provides weeks of invaluable information to use when setting a price. You have a better chance of taking the property to the market in a way that doesn’t price it out of the market place.

If you have a property that will appeal to many, if it affords development opportunities, if it is likely to attract competition, if it is a property where it’s hard to pin down a true market value or if it is simply a great family home, be confident about an auction program that takes you through winter and into the onset of spring.

In any season, a professional auction program can motivate buyers to make a purchasing decision in a set time frame, and achieve a good price results for vendors.



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