Attracting thrifty buyers

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If you want to make your home more appealing to buyers than the next, what about asking your agent to point out some features that may save them money once they are owners? Being able to save money might be a huge selling point to a budget-conscious buyer.

Having the right window treatments can be a real selling point. Awnings over west-facing windows can dramatically reduce heat and save on the cost of air-conditioning. Shutters and shades are generally better sealed and tend to be better for energy efficiency than curtains and blinds.

The regular energy bill tends to be a huge ongoing cost for households. There are thermostats that home owners can program to turn heating and cooling on and off at set times of the day and night, and the ‘smart’ ones will even allow the thermostat to adjust itself automatically or be controlled from a mobile phone. Effective thermostats can help reduce an energy bill.

If you have a garden where you can grow vegetables, demonstrate that to buyers. Self-sufficiency can save money, and even growing a bit of fresh produce can reduce household expenses.

How about the home’s fixed appliances, such as the oven, the hot water system and perhaps the dishwasher? Make sure buyers notice the Energy Star ratings if impressive. Let them know how much money they can save if appliance are especially efficient, and if they are new.

If you have a brand new or relatively new roof, make sure potential buyers are aware of that fact because a new roof means they won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on re-roofing for a long time. And if it is an ‘energy-efficient roof’, which can help with insulating the home, even better.

Who wouldn’t want to buy the home that helps saves you money?

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