Annoy the customer: Why would you!

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Annoy the customer: Why would you!

An Inman story recently explored the top seven ways that real estate agents can annoy their customers.

The first three mentioned were not responding promptly, showing up unannounced and having an outdated website.

Hopefully you do not recognise any of those traits in yourself!

The remaining four were being tardy; missing out on new leads (when you have a client relying on you for ‘new to the market’); ignoring their requests; and being a salesperson (You are a professional. Don’t oversell!).

The article prompted commentary. No surprise there! Reader responses, presumably from real estate customers, suggested further annoyances. From sellers: unqualified strangers roaming the property unescorted; unattractive signs; and conditional sales with endless contingencies. From buyers: being shown homes way out of their budget; and being shown homes that don’t even go close to the requirements they’ve expressed

To balance things out, I’ll finish with a comment from an agent who said something along the lines of  “It’s all a balancing thing…we are doing a job and sometimes due to emotional clients, that job can be hindered. My latest listing… the seller only wanted two inspection times and no weekend Opens…I’ve learned the hard way, if a seller or buyer is serious, they will follow your lead as a professional and trust you will deliver what they ultimately want.”

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