Agent is best ally



Is there a vendor who doesn’t want to sell for the best possible price in the shortest possible time – and with the minimum of stress?

Any 101 of selling would include:

  • Choose an agent with the highly specialized skills to do the job.
  • Know what the market you are selling in is doing.
  • Know what the buyers in that market expect.

If you have the right agent, you will have more than enough information to, working together, market the property in the best way possible to achieve those price, time and stress-free goals.

Likely advice includes:

  • Use professional photography and video.
  • Feature floor plans. (Don’t underestimate how much potential buyers value these!)
  • Have street appeal.
  • Feature space not clutter.
  • Don’t overlook the ‘small stuff’.

Your agent is your best ally in the marketing-to-sale process, and honest communication is the best vehicle to get you to a great outcome.



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