A property manager’s many hats

The day in the life of a property manager is almost impossible to capture.  Priorities shift and change with every email and phone call. Each property manager works differently, with the same priority –looking after your investment.

If there ever comes a time you can’t reach your property manager, rest assured they’ll call you right back. Chances are they’re out doing one of the following things:

Property inspections
– a regular part of a property manager’s duties is ensuring your property is being looked after. Regular inspections ensure the property is in good condition and not damaged. This gives us an opportunity to see for ourselves and report back to you directly.

Maintenance and Cleaning
– If you have a new tenant moving into your property, ensuring the property is ready to occupy is important. This includes such matters as organising maintenance works and last minute tidy-ups.

Organising tradespeople
Obtaining quotes for maintenance and damages is another important part of our job. We need to ensure the property is well-maintained and tenants are safe, therefore we often need to organise for tradespeople to gain access to the property.

Listing and open homes
We want to ensure your property is not left vacant  for any period of time, so listing homes and opening them to potential tenants is a priority of ours.

Tenant applications and enquiries
Finding the right tenant for your property is important. Responding to enquiries and completing background checks is a very important part of the process.

For new landlords, knowing the value of your property and what returns you might expect upon renting the property is valuable information.

General administration
Ensuring forms are lodged, rent and bonds are paid, and emails and phone calls are responded to are all part of a property manager’s day.


Managing a property is a never-ending job, but rest assured that your property manager is doing everything in their power to ensure your investment is being well looked after. After all, looking after your property is our profession – and for the best of us, our passion.

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